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Opal Necklace

pretty, but a bit sinister if you know your canon.

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An icon journal alpheratz and here_be_dragons share, mainly to take GIPs out of our personal LJs. Oh, and to ask for compliments, of course.

Rule one: If you see something you like, please feel free to grab and use it, unless there is a note otherwise in the entry.

Rule two: Credit in keywords is not mandatory, but appreciated. We do ask that you give credit somewhere in your journal, and we would *love* for you to leave a comment here about what you've grabbed.

Rule three: Some of our icons have been made for others, as gifts, and we'd like to display them here, but ask that people *not* grab and use them without getting permission first. Any icon that was made as a gift will be noted in the entry where it is posted.

Rule four: Please don't modify if there is text, but if it's a base, feel free to do what you like.

Rule five: If you would like to request an icon from alpheratz, do it here. here_be_dragons does not have a nagging post yet.

We like to know which icons people like the best, so please, feed our egos and comment! Also feel free to take them down a notch if an icon sucks. We like constructive criticism.

Brush credit: I use brushes by quebelly, saava, dtissagirl, serendipitysho, missambs, crumblingwalls, icons_with_love, and possibly others. If you see one of your brushes in my icons, please tell me and I'll credit you.
- alpheratz